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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Controversy

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Controversy New Delhi, Oct 21: Shah Rukh Khan has at last broken his mum. The Bollywood Badshah has come out with his version at last about the much-hyped tiff he had with co-actor Salman Khan.

The ‘fight’ occurred at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, where an irate Salman Khan rubbed King Khan the wrong way, leading to an icy silence between them since. The incident divided the Mumbai film industry into two camps, with Shah Rukh and Salman supporters coming out to support their favourites.

It also put some actors in a fix, as taking the side of one spelled coldness to another. The cold war seems to have stretched longer, if Shah Rukh’s words are to be taken into account.

“It’s ok. There is not much common between us, we think differently, we speak differently. We have spent a good time together. But with time, that fact has got blurred,” Shah Rukh told a national daily.

When asked about any chance of their coming together anytime soon, he added, “We are happy in our worlds. If we come together it is good. If we don’t it’s even better. We are not friends, but it doesn’t imply we are enemies,” Khan said.

Before SRK’s statements, Salman had agreed about the coldness, too. He had said, “Yes there is a problem. But it is no big deal. Problems do occur in everybody’s lives. If after eighteen years of friendship something happens then it does not mean a lot.”

But SRK hit hard when he commented on the most eligible, but hotheaded bachelor of Bollywood, “I think like a father, while Salman thinks like a child!”

The silence has been broken, but not the ice. These words promise more division in Bollywood, and the ‘diplomatic ones’ (spell Aamir Khan) are going to have a hard time balancing their friendship.


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  1. Dear Shahrukh

    I’ve been a die-hard fan of urs since u entered industry wid TV serial “Fauzi”. It’s not coz of ur acting skills only but also as a person (as v read in newspapers & magazines etc.)

    My only concern is ur attitute. Pls b in urself. Don’t indulge in ne sort of controversies (Amitabh & Salman) I admire u as a self made & energetic person and reached such a position in a very short period where others can just think of. So pls maintain that position n dignity not only as “King Khan” but also as a person. I wanna see more n more fans of urs. But pls behave.

    Comment by akanksha rawat | October 30, 2008 | Reply

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