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Madonna Declared the Undefeated Controversy Queen

Over the years and decades Madonna’s career continues to blossom. It has become evident, too that her name has become synonymous with controversy. The very first controversy that hit her was when she sang Like a Virgin with much gusto. Back then, the word virgin is somewhat taboo and to sing it over the radio and on TV is quite despicable.

During the very first MTV awards, she sang this same song while wearing a white wedding gown. She sang clothed as a bride while writhing on the floor. There was also this Boy Toy belt that she used to wear which made fans and critics take notice.

This was not the actual mother of all controversies as she also appeared nude on Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Madonna Nude 1979 features most of her nude shots and she flaunts these without any remorse.

Another of her albums, Like a Prayer, garnered raves from the public as she sang on her music video wearing a mere slip while she danced in front of a cross that was set on flames. While she did the dancing, she also kissed an African American saint as she continued to sing the lyrics.

This caused the Pepsi company to withdraw their sponsorship of her tour and also her commercial with them. Many religious groups detested her act yet Madonna did not make any apologies. Instead, she realized that controversies spawn Madonna ticket sales so she continued with her acts instead.

Fortunately, her fans loved her for her weird acts and they supported her equally-shocking techniques on her Blonde Ambition Tour way back in 1990 (this tour featured men wearing women’s bras and this was also when Madonna wore bullet-like bras); her 1991 MTV controversy resulted to her being banned from the said show but nevertheless, she was able to sell millions of her Justify my Love album); the Truth or Dare scandal (where Madonna’s sexual acts were displayed and discussed in details); and even her X-rated book. 1992 was also the year that her album Erotica proved to be successful.

Evita, her 1995 film also caused much opposition from the people of Argentina. They clearly did not want Madonna to play the famous first lady’s role yet Madonna, again, came out victorious as she even won a Golden Globe award for her performance. Evita wasn’t the last controversy for her as she soon offended Hindi people who noticed sacred body drawings on her Ray of Light music video (it would have been okay were it not for her visible breasts on the video).

Motherhood and a serious career in acting made her a bit subdued yet this will not change the colorful and playful past of the actress.


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