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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Controversy

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Controversy New Delhi, Oct 21: Shah Rukh Khan has at last broken his mum. The Bollywood Badshah has come out with his version at last about the much-hyped tiff he had with co-actor Salman Khan.

The ‘fight’ occurred at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, where an irate Salman Khan rubbed King Khan the wrong way, leading to an icy silence between them since. The incident divided the Mumbai film industry into two camps, with Shah Rukh and Salman supporters coming out to support their favourites.

It also put some actors in a fix, as taking the side of one spelled coldness to another. The cold war seems to have stretched longer, if Shah Rukh’s words are to be taken into account.

“It’s ok. There is not much common between us, we think differently, we speak differently. We have spent a good time together. But with time, that fact has got blurred,” Shah Rukh told a national daily.

When asked about any chance of their coming together anytime soon, he added, “We are happy in our worlds. If we come together it is good. If we don’t it’s even better. We are not friends, but it doesn’t imply we are enemies,” Khan said.

Before SRK’s statements, Salman had agreed about the coldness, too. He had said, “Yes there is a problem. But it is no big deal. Problems do occur in everybody’s lives. If after eighteen years of friendship something happens then it does not mean a lot.”

But SRK hit hard when he commented on the most eligible, but hotheaded bachelor of Bollywood, “I think like a father, while Salman thinks like a child!”

The silence has been broken, but not the ice. These words promise more division in Bollywood, and the ‘diplomatic ones’ (spell Aamir Khan) are going to have a hard time balancing their friendship.


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Controversy of the Anti gravity UFOs

Antigravity UFO over house.Ufologists quickly realized that UFO propulsion systems based on earthly technologies were not compatible with the stories and pictures being presented. A UFO shown hovering over a house could not have had a jet propulsion system. Otherwise, the house would be blown to bits and explode in flames. The propulsion system could not have been nuclear. Otherwise, the occupants of the house and car would be fried with radiation. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

Many people have described their experiences with UFOs as having been directly under the spacecraft and being “beamed” aboard for a joy ride into space and back again. Notice the disturbance in the air below the UFO in the picture. It is apparently preparing to beam someone aboard from inside the house. This can only be done if the spacecraft has a propulsion system and internal environment that does not harm humans who are very close to the machine. The antigravity concept was universally accepted by Ufologists as the propulsion system used by UFOs.

Engineers are said by Ufologists to be working on antigravity flying saucers at Area 51 by using reverse engineering techniques on captured UFOs. Reverse engineering is simply dissecting the propulsion system on the alien craft to learn what each component does. Other Ufologists claim in their books and videos that the US government has already developed antigravity military spacecraft fighters that use laser weapon technologies. The fighters are said to be stationed on the far side of the Moon where they cannot be seen from Earth. The plan is to take over the world with a one-world government system controlled by the United States. Actually, this sounds like a great idea except it is all nonsense.

Antigravity implies that the craft can hover near the ground and fly into space and beyond. A magnetic field technology as presently used on high speed trains is not considered to be antigravity. A helicopter is not an antigravity machine. A satellite in orbit is not an example of the antigravity concept.

The antigravity alien spacecraft never existed and will never exist. The photographs like the one above are fakes. The personal testimonies are all lies. An antigravity machine will never be built. Any money spent on antigravity research is totally wasted. The technology is impossible. It violates many of the basic laws of science as observed throughout the universe. Gravity is everywhere. It cannot be canceled. It cannot be nullified. Don’t be duped by this nonsense.

The History Channel television network continues the brainwashing of children with programs sponsored by paid advertisers. The programs promote the foundational claim made by ufologists that the United States government, military and NASA continue to cover-up the facts surrounding actual sightings and capture of alien spacecraft. They accuse the President Richard Nixon administration of a massive cover-up of UFOs, even though the Richard Nixon administration couldn’t even cover-up a little break in of the offices of the Democrats. President Jimmy Carter was so unstable that he claimed to have seen a UFO himself. Carter tried to disclose the concealed information, but found none. President Ronald Regan also claimed to have personally seen two UFOs, but none of the other people aboard the same airplane have come forward to support the claim. Even in the most powerful office in the world, President Regan could not produce one fact that alien UFO’s ever existed. Presidents Carter and Regan wanted desperately to prove that UFOs existed, but they could not.

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History and Controversy of the Twelve-String Guitar

There are a lot of controversies as regards to the history of the Twelve-string guitar. The first theory says that it has been developed by Italian luthiers laboring in the guitar workshops in companies like Oscar Schmidt, Harmony and Regal in New York and Chicago. It is substantiated by the fact that one of the famous twelve-string guitars has a strong Italian connection. As per the other theory states that it arrived in the U.S from Mexico as Latin America has a long history of double-course variants of the standard six-string guitars.

Regardless of who invented the twelve-string guitar, it is considered as one of the novelty instrument invented. Other than the occasional custom ordered 12-string guitars, the more prestigious makers like Martin and Gibson consider making of these 12-string guitar to the low-end builders. This is clearly an indication that their buyers were from the poorer end of the social level.

The popularity of the twelve-string guitar can be traced out from the early recordings, where the blues musicians in Georgia and Mexican tejano musicians in Texas used them. It appears that the first musicians to take up the 12-srting guitars were street performers. The extra volume that the double strings added increased the popularity of these guitars. It is said that the volume is so intense that a busker could work without any other musicians and still assure full and rich sound.

The twelve-string guitar gained immense popularity when it was first exploited by one of the best early players, the Atlanta guitarist Blind Willie McTell. McTell was a well-known and accomplished guitarist of his time. Atlanta being the center for the Piedmont blues, a ragtime-based guitar style where complex finger picking and driving bass is needed to invest in its kind of music. And this is how the use of the 12-string guitar gained its momentum.

The 12-string guitar also became popular after the “Leadbelly”. Hudy William Ledbetter was an American folk and blues musician. He was known as the king of the twelve-string guitar, famous for his clear and forceful singing and his virtuosity on the twelve-string guitar. He is best known as Leadbelly or Lead Belly. The topic of Leadbelly covers a wide range of subjects, including gospel songs, blues songs about women, liquor and racism. It also includes songs about cowboys, prison, workers, sailors, and many more. This is how the 12-string guitar came into popularity in a big way.

After Leadbelly, even the use of the twelve-string guitar was reduced drastically. It was like musicians express the mourning by refraining from playing the instrument. A few guitarists like Dick Rosmini, Fred Gerlach, and Pete Seeger, kept the twelve-string tradition alive.

And soon the use of the banjo has outnumbered the use of the 12-string guitar, but in 1963 a record came out that knocked the banjo off its place. It was a record by Pete Seeger called “We shall overcome” and the musician used the power of 12-string and novelty to draw the attention of the people as he was selling songs of justice and freedom. The extra volume and full sound of the twelve-string guitar made it perfect for leading and they were the important part of the civil rights movement.

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Controversy over the Dead Alien at New Mexico

Roswell Alien SpacecraftMac Brazel worked as a foreman on the J. B. Foster Ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, when he discovered a strange object on the ranch in July 1947. The object had crashed on the hillside. The debris included sheet foil material and a round dish-shaped object. Personnel from the Roswell Army Air Field, later renamed Walker Air Force Base, had been looking for their test vehicle. They knew it had landed in the vicinity of the Foster Ranch. Army personnel went to the ranch where Brazel showed them the crash site. Brazel had been taking material from the crash site and storing it at the ranch. He had shown pieces around town and given some pieces to friends as souvenirs. He was not very cooperative with the Army personnel so they took him to the base where he was detained for three days. The Army got most of the parts back from the crashed experimental package and released Brazel. This photograph is claimed to have been taken at the crash site, but it is most likely a fake. No official photographs are known to exist.

The wreckage was certainly not that of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. A real spacecraft would have had some sort of nuclear power reactor and the radiation at the crash site would have killed everyone who approached. The Army personnel weren’t concerned because they knew precisely how their experiment was made. It was harmless and had a small battery power source for the instruments.

Speculation about the vehicle was headline news in the media. Rumors began circulating that the craft was from outer space and contain the dead body of an alien. The media frenzy attracted many wild stories. Suddenly everyone was a witness to the crash of a flying saucer. Over the years the myth grew and grew until people began claiming a dead alien was taken from the crash site to the base. New stories have expanded to claim that Brazel found three dead aliens at the site and showed the bodies to friends.

All of this talk about a flying saucer crashing at Roswell is pure nonsense. The Roswell Army Air Field was used for tests related to the Army’s military projects. They were testing instruments to measure the atmosphere, weather balloons, airplane components and weapon systems. The military confirmed that the object was a weather balloon with a radar reflector that the military used to keep a radar lock on the experimental package as it returned to Earth.

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Area 51 Alien Capture Controversey

Area 51 Alein CaptureArea 51 is a highly restricted area near Groom Dry Lake and Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Ufologists, a fancy name given themselves by the UFO fanatics, simply go ballistic over the secrecy at this military base. They are especially annoyed at the signs along the fence warning that deadly force will be used against anyone crossing the fence. As a security measure, snoopy people are forced to keep moving along the dirt road near the base. The road, Route 375, has been nicknamed the Extraterrestrial Highway by Ufologists. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

The Ufologists claim alien spacecraft have been seen arriving at and leaving the very long airstrip on Groom Dry Lake. Claims are also made that the aliens are working alongside of US military personnel. Other claims are made that military personnel are trying to duplicate flying saucer technologies by reverse engineering the equipment found in captured UFOs. This stuff is far out.

The media likes to raise speculation about what is going on at Area 51 by showing documentary UFO programs. The implication by the media is that the operations at Area 51 are not simply normal military operations.

Books and videos are sold to dupe Ufologists into believing that many pictures of UFOs show real alien spacecraft. They also claim that aliens are living in our society disguised as humans. They give hints for detecting extraterrestrial aliens among us that are disguised as neighbors, friends and relatives. The Ufologists have a difficult time separating fact from fiction and myths. The movie Men-In-Black is just a movie, folks. It is fiction. It is make-believe entertainment. There are no Men-In-Black government agents that keep the aliens’ population under control.

The fact is there are no aliens at Area 51 or anywhere else on Earth or in the universe. Area 51 is used to conduct the most top secret flight test operations for the US military. This site was used to test many aircraft before they were revealed to the public. These include the U-2 spy plane, SR-71 spy plane, F-117 stealth fighter and the B-2 stealth bomber. Other configurations were probably tested as well, but we don’t know about them because they were never placed into production. Evidentially they never performed to expectation and the program was scrapped. Some of the airplanes in these canceled programs were a saucer shaped.

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Piltdown Man and the British Museum

Piltdown Man of EnglandThe Piltdown Man has been proven to be a fake and a hoax. The bone fragments, flint tools and the bone implements were found at two other sites. The skull parts that turned out to be those of a modern man were found at one site. The jaw was from an ape skeleton found at a nearby site. Charles Dawson found the first cranial fragments of the Piltdown Man at the fossil dig site in 1908. He was only an amateur archaeologist. The fragments were given to the British Museum of Natural History where the skull was assembled. The finding was announced to the public. The media were elated at the find. This was the “missing link” of evolution that was so desperately needed to support the theory of evolution. Significant support was also given because the missing link was found in England.

Piltdown Man was displayed at the British Museum of Natural History. The British paleoanthropology community readily accepted the ideas that the fossil remains were that of a humanoid linking modern man to the apes. Very little, if any, critical analysis was given the findings until many years later.

Evolution —- redefined . . . . . . . . . . song by Geoff Moore

This song is a spoof on evolution. It starts as background sound
in a high school hallway. Don’t quit early. This song rocks.

In 1953, Piltdown Man was declared a hoax. The skull fragments, upon close examination, were obviously those of a modern man. The fragments were carved and stained. The teeth in the ape jaw had been filed down to more closely match the teeth of a man. Everyone had been duped and the search was on for the perpetrator, but none could be solidly proven. Perhaps two or more people collaborated in the scheme. Multiple witnesses and testimonies led others to be less suspecting and more easily duped. People simply tend to drop their guard and go with the prevailing opinion. The prime suspects in the Piltdown Man hoax are:

Martin A. C. Hilton is the prime suspect. He was the curator of zoology at the British Museum at the time. Years later a trunk with Hilton’s initials was found in the attic of the museum. Inside were bone fragments that had been carved and stained in the very same manner as those used to create Piltdown Man.

Arthur Smith Woodward was Keeper of Geology at the British Museum. He could have been attracted by the possibility of attention the finding would draw.

Charles Dawson was most likely selected as the fall guy by the perpetrators, and for many good reasons. He was only an amateur who could have easily been duped by the fossils planted at the sites. He became highly motivated after finding the first cranial piece.

Grafton Elliot Smith authored a paper on the discovery in 1913. His motives are simply not strong enough to list him a prime suspect.

W. J. Solass was a professor of geology at Oxford University. He may have conspired with the hoax leader.

Arthur Conan Doyle was the creator of Sherlock Holmes and could have pulled the stunt to test the investigatory expertise of scientists at the British Museum. They certainly failed the test. Doyle was most likely not involved. Otherwise, the cranial fragments would have had much better preparation.

Tielhard de Chardin was a theologian and scientist who accompanied Dawson to the dig sites. Chardin is less likely to have been the perpetrator because he probably did not support the theory of evolution.

This was an inside job by staff members of the British Museum. Martin A. C. Hilton was the ring leader, and he prepared the fake specimens. Arthur Smith Woodward was most likely his accomplice. The museum staff had ready access to source materials, controlled the “discovered” artifacts, prepared Piltdown Man for display, limited the access by outsiders and prevented a close examination. Charles Dawson was the fall guy who would be given the blame if the hoax ever came to light.

The media are always accomplices in these frauds and hoaxes. They continue to protect the British Museum and use Dawson as the scapegoat. The media simply cannot resist the chance to run a headline story that will sell lots of papers or gain lots of television viewers. They also tend to strongly support the false theory of evolution. Now the Internet is jumping on the bandwagon with thousands of websites promoting all kinds of frauds and hoaxes for monetary gain.

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Controversy of the Rabbit Hole on Mars

Rabbit Hole On MarsThe Jet Propulsion Laboratory division of NASA believes they have finally proven that evolution is true. An unsubstantiated comment made by one of the mission leaders about the first photos received back from the May 25, 2008 mission, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful. We landed right in front of a rabbit hole. Oh, this is the most exciting time in history. Charles Darwin was not a nut case. Evolution is true. God bless our mission. Oops, I didn’t mean to say God bless.” Click the image to see an enlargement.

The Real Story

NASA wastes billions of dollars trying to find life beyond earth. The success rate is ZERO. All of their efforts have been and will continue to be a total failure. They could have spent the money for missions that would benefit us, but no. They insist on the unrelenting search to prove the false Theory of Evolution.

Schizophrenia is defined as a mental illness in which one keeps doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. The sufferer has hallucinations, delusions and a failure to separate false mental thoughts from reality. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a severe case of mass schizophrenia.

What next? Well, we can expect the lies to begin coming from the mission leaders. If they can’t find life on Mars, they will simply make up some lies that they have. This is posted May 26, 2008. Let’s see how long it takes for them to come forth with the first lie. Stay tuned.

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The History of the Brett Favre Controversy

The Brett Favre Controversy is hitting the airwaves after his interview with Greta on her show – On the Record. Being one who is old enough to remember watching the Ice Bowl as a boy, and often would call Brett, Bart – by mistake through the years, I thought I would throw out a few thoughts.

There are always two sides to every story, and perhaps that is what makes this controversy so interesting. The story tellers from each side of it, Brett Favre and the Packer Organization, are usually honest and straightforward in their communication – so from my perspective there isn’t a rat hiding somewhere, it boils down to a conflict of values. Values?

Watching football through the 1960s and 1970s it was rare that a good player would change teams. Once they were established, they stuck with the organization that they found a home with.

As the years went by, things begin to change. Players begin to simply display what is common in our culture – looking out for #1. Loyalty to a company or an organization become less of a value or priority. I’m not condoning or condemning this, just observing. I can see both sides of the coin: Players should factor loyalty into their decisions; Organizations should treat their key people with respect and reward appropriately. Of course the salary cap impacted all these dealings and decisions.

Honestly, I am more old school. Before we cheese heads condemn Brett Favre if our fears of him playing for another team materialize, we should also remember Reggie White. When he first left the Eagles I questioned his loyalty factor – how, after being an Eagle all those years, could he put on another jersey? As time went on though, I embraced his role with the Packers, and loved watching him play. Subtly my values were changing with the societal swing – Reggie followed his heart and it worked out for him, the Packers, and the fans.

The Brett Favre controversy is simply exposing the value shift that has transpired and become very accepted in our culture. Look out for #1. Players are looking for the most money or the best place for them; and organizations are trading and drafting with the consideration of individual players being overshadowed by the win-loss/profit margin – simply the way business is done now.

It seems the Packer organization has moved without Brett. I will still be a Packer fan. Brett changed his mind and now wants to play, the Packers should let him, he has earned it. If they don’t want to start him, let him find another team to help. I will still be a Brett Favre fan.

When I heard about the Brett Favre controversy, initially I was disturbed. Now? I’ve decided I don’t have to choose. I am a Packer Fan – always have been, and always will be. I mean a REAL fan – I wore green & gold living near Chicago through the 80’s when the Bears were beating us up! I’ve also become a Brett Favre fan. He is fun to watch. I hope he plays next season. I hope he plays for the Packers. If he plays for another team, I will be cheering him on, and now have 2 team to cheer for. (Unless of course it is the Bears- every man has his limits.)

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Controversy of the Bigfoot Snowman “Yeti”

Controversy of the Bigfoot Snowman YetiPeople on every continent have claimed to have seen the footprints of a large man like the mythological creature we call Bigfoot. In British Columbia, Canada, he is called Sasquatch; in the Himalayas of Asia he is called Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. The Amazon people call him Mapingauri. These myths gained little media attention until Roger Patterson took 24 feet of 16mm color film of a Bigfoot walking in the forest on October 20, 1967, near California’s Bluff Creek Valley just north of Willow Creek. Roger had become fascinated with Bigfoot after reading a press report earlier in the year. His friend Bob Gimlin was with him. The 24 feet of movie film were a big hit with the media. Click on the image to see an enlargement of a man in an ape costume.

There have been many reports of large footprints and sightings of a large manlike, hairy creature near Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Footprints were seen by Sir Edmund Hillary and his crew during his historic climb in 1953.

These reports draw lots of media attention but lack any substance. Many facts reveal that these reports are hoaxes and jokes perpetrated for fun, money and fame.

Bigfoot Confession – “In 2004, Greg Long claimed that the Bigfoot in the Patterson film is indeed a man in a gorilla suit, but the man is Bob Heironimus, a retired Pepsi bottler from Yakima, Washington, and the suit was made in North Carolina for Patterson by a man named Philip Morris.” The Skeptics Dictionary. Bob Gimlin has also confessed that the Bigfoot movie was a fake. The media still keep running the Patterson movie over and over and present the documentary as if the story were true. They never give up even when true confessions about the hoax are presented.

Abominable Snowman Confession – Sir Edmund Hillary was asked about the giant footprints during the 50th anniversary celebration of his historic ascent of Mount Everest. In reference to someone else on the expedition Hillary laughed as he stated, “Oh, he could do something like that.” Hillary was politely acknowledging that the tracks were a hoax. Yet the media keeps talking about the Abominable Snowman as if such a creature really existed.

Impossible Subsistence – An ape creature as described could not survive in the Himalayas. There is very little vegetation consisting only of sparse grasses. Therefore, the creature would have to be a carnivore, but he couldn’t survive as a carnivore. The creature could not run fast enough to catch a mountain sheep or a snow leopard, and no other food source is available.

Propagation Limitations – The Bigfoot creatures could not survive anyplace on Earth in such small numbers. A mating pair could only reproduce one offspring per year. The survival rate for the infants would be very small. A community of creatures would simply go extinct. Scientists have discovered this fact with real species once they cross over a threshold of few numbers.

No Bodies and No Bones – The backwoods of North America swarms with hikers, loggers and hunters that should have discovered dwelling sites, bones and bodies if Bigfoot were real, but he is not. These reported sightings are all hoaxes for fun, money and fame.

Cameras in space satellites orbiting the earth can take pictures with enough detail to read the license number on a car, but they cannot find the abominable snowman in the Himalayas trudging around in the snow. They can’t find tracks either because the abominable snowman does not exist and never did.

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Madonna Declared the Undefeated Controversy Queen

Over the years and decades Madonna’s career continues to blossom. It has become evident, too that her name has become synonymous with controversy. The very first controversy that hit her was when she sang Like a Virgin with much gusto. Back then, the word virgin is somewhat taboo and to sing it over the radio and on TV is quite despicable.

During the very first MTV awards, she sang this same song while wearing a white wedding gown. She sang clothed as a bride while writhing on the floor. There was also this Boy Toy belt that she used to wear which made fans and critics take notice.

This was not the actual mother of all controversies as she also appeared nude on Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Madonna Nude 1979 features most of her nude shots and she flaunts these without any remorse.

Another of her albums, Like a Prayer, garnered raves from the public as she sang on her music video wearing a mere slip while she danced in front of a cross that was set on flames. While she did the dancing, she also kissed an African American saint as she continued to sing the lyrics.

This caused the Pepsi company to withdraw their sponsorship of her tour and also her commercial with them. Many religious groups detested her act yet Madonna did not make any apologies. Instead, she realized that controversies spawn Madonna ticket sales so she continued with her acts instead.

Fortunately, her fans loved her for her weird acts and they supported her equally-shocking techniques on her Blonde Ambition Tour way back in 1990 (this tour featured men wearing women’s bras and this was also when Madonna wore bullet-like bras); her 1991 MTV controversy resulted to her being banned from the said show but nevertheless, she was able to sell millions of her Justify my Love album); the Truth or Dare scandal (where Madonna’s sexual acts were displayed and discussed in details); and even her X-rated book. 1992 was also the year that her album Erotica proved to be successful.

Evita, her 1995 film also caused much opposition from the people of Argentina. They clearly did not want Madonna to play the famous first lady’s role yet Madonna, again, came out victorious as she even won a Golden Globe award for her performance. Evita wasn’t the last controversy for her as she soon offended Hindi people who noticed sacred body drawings on her Ray of Light music video (it would have been okay were it not for her visible breasts on the video).

Motherhood and a serious career in acting made her a bit subdued yet this will not change the colorful and playful past of the actress.

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