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Controversy Of The Crop Circles In England

Crop Circles of England

Crop Circles of EnglandThe crop circles first appeared in England. They are areas in a field of corn or wheat that is flattened in an artistic fashion. Usually the pattern contains circles of various sizes. People began to credit spacecraft aliens for the creation of these patterns. The media just loved this one. They still show newly created crop circles and leave the viewer with the notion that they could have been produced by aliens.

Claims are made that the area of the flattened crop gives off an electromagnetic radiation that is unnatural. The claim is made that this same radiation has been detected at the location of UFO sightings. The area is damaged to the extent that the pattern shows even after several plowings. Others claim the crops show evidence of strange mutations in the downed plants.

All of the weird claims made about crop circles are untrue. The circles are exactly the same as circles made by people using a rope to control the radius and a board to flatten the crop. The wild claims made that connect crop circles with UFOs are simply lies.

People who continue the serious study of crop circles refer to themselves as cerealogists (after Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility). Others use a simple slang term, croppies.

Doug Bower and David Chorley were farmers who, in 1991, confessed to making approximately 250 of the patterns, but this hasn’t stopped people from believing they came from aliens. This stuff is nutty, folks.


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  1. I’ve recently been doing some work with decoding crop circles. I’ve been getting galactic transmissions of various kinds from the divine and, I thought maybe there’s some meaning to crop circles. So I started asking the meaning behind certain circles and I got some amazing positive results. Check out my crop circle page at for examples of what I mean. It’s an amazing time to be alive!

    Comment by Marcus Patman | October 12, 2009 | Reply

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